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Humantechnik Scalla Combo 3
  • Humantechnik Scalla Combo 3

Humantechnik Scalla 3 combo


Humantechnik Scalla 3 Combo Large Key Amplifier Phone White

Humantechnik Scalla Combo 3

Humantechnik Scalla 3 combo

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Understand clearly, talk confidently:
"scalla in combination with G-TELWARE®" converts one of the most versatile concepts for hearing-boosting telephones into intelligent cutting-edge technology.
"scalla-3 combo" - this is the combination of a stationary comfort telephone of the "scalla" series with a cordless second station, emergency call function included.
"scalla3", the stationary basic telephone of "scalla3 combo" represents the top model of the scalla series. The handset offers the same comfort features as the stationary telephone and thus extends your range of movement enormously.
The emergency call function is of particular importance in the mobile concept because you can carry the handset with you and the emergency call button is therefore always within reach.

Emergency call function with up to 5 emergency numbers; if the line is busy, "scalla-3" automatically accesses the next number.
Pure and powerful sound reproduction for good speech comprehension
Hearing amplification adjustable up to +40 dB
Inductive hearing with hearing aids or CI systems
High/low tone control
Digital answering machine with excellent speech quality
Telephone book entries with own voice or sound recordings possible
Electronic telephone book for 30 entries
Hands-free function
Call indication acoustically and via flashing light signal
Ringing tone adjustable in pitch and volume
LCD display with high-contrast, large font
Large, haptically easily distinguishable dialling and function keys
Emergency call button on the stationary telephone and on the handset
Expandable with up to 5 handsets.


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