Triple SIM Card
  • Triple SIM Card

Triple SIM Card iPhone®


(€23.68 )

First digital TRIPLE SIM Adapter with UMTS/4G/3G/2G/HSDPA/LTE support

Triple SIM Card

Triple SIM Card iPhone®


(€23.68 )

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First digital Triple SIM Card with fully UMTS/4G/3G/2G/HSDPA/LTE support 
  • You can use every SIM Cards in different combinations
  • Unites 3 SIM cards in classical manner
  • It is a total digital version NoCut version
  • The full UMTS/4G/LTE function of all devices will maintain, in any case, whether data connection or telephony connection
  • No reduction of the accumulator term. We lead only not accumulator-heavy adaptors
  • No Gluetechnic, you can exchange the SIM Cards any time in the adapter without destroying the adapter
  • Fully 100% GPS-capable
  • You are switching within a softwareentry in your mobile phone
  • Automatically switching between the SIM cards is possible. The SIM card switching can be adjust for every SIM card separately from 1-99 minutes.
    SIM1-Settings from 5-99 Minuten
    SIM2-Settings from 5-99 Minuten
    SIM3-Settings from 5-99 Minuten
  • Switching between the SIM cards without restarting your mobile phone
  • Phone call lists storage after switching
  • Supports every SIM cards, GSM- or 3G/ 4G-USIM-Cards


1 x Triple SIM Card

1 x Case

1 x Modified, milled SIM-Tray (optional)

1 x Detailed manual


Data sheet

Switching mode
100% - 3G/HSDPA/LTE -compatibel
Switching with numbercodes
Languageoptions (GER,ENG,FRE,SPA,ITA)
No batteryreduction
Very low electric resistance
ISO - 7816 Standard
Activateable switch automatic-By default-OFF
Display of the active SIM card (optional)
Editing of the displayed phone number
Restarting neccessary?

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